Polyscreen Fabrics

Polyscreen® fabrics

Openwork fabrics for highperformance and decorative shades and solar protection systems.

Whatever the needs of your home or workplace, Polyscreen® technical and decorative fabrics bring together aesthetics and performance. They ensure ultra effective thermal and solar protection, as well as optimal light management. Bandalux offers shades and complete systems for interiors and exteriors, using Polyscreen® fabrics, which are designed to adapt to the specific needs of each project. Moreover, these fabrics enable the attainment of energy credits through the LEED, BREEAM, H

QE, BBC, Minergie, and Passivhaus programs, among others.

Different degrees of opening Guaranteeing an excellent visibility to the outside while maintaining optimal privacy inside, Polyscreen® fabrics offer a unique choice of porosity, enabling the user to select the desired level of transparency.