Blackout Fabrics

blackout fabrics

A range of 100% blackout fabrics for high‑performance and decorative solar protection systems and shades.

Whatever the needs of your home or workplace, technical and decorative blackout shades bring together aesthetics and performance. They ensure ultra effective thermal and solar protection, as well as optimal light management. Bandalux offers shades and complete indoor and outdoor systems, using 100% blackout fabrics, which have been designed to adapt to the specific needs of each project.


· An extensive range of decorative fabrics in a vast array of colors
· Darkness and total privacy
· 100% UV ray protection
· Perfect rolling, even in large-size installations
· Excellent protection from the heat
· Lower energy consumption of the building
· They enable the attainment of energy credits through the LEED, BREEAM, HQE, BBC, Minergie, and Passivhaus programs, among others.

· Excellent acoustic absorption
· Ideal for conference and projection halls, hotel rooms, classrooms, hospital buildings, etc.
· Free of lead, phthalates and toxic substances
· Fire retardant rating
· Manufactured in the EU compliance with all applicable international certifications